Mickey Cockrell. Co-Founder/Executive Director, Catie's Closet

Mickey Cockrell. Co-Founder/Executive Director, Catie's Closet

Catie's Closet is a Massachusetts-based non-profit supporting disadvantaged youth, building success in school through access to fashion.  

Catie's Closet began with an idea that if children were given free access to clothing, right within their school, would it help them build their confidence? Would it help them stay in school and focus on their education? 

It sure did. 

Giving clothes, Catie's Closet gave confidence to 32,000 local children in 2017. And the number continues to grow. Now in 54 schools across MA & NH, Catie's Closet is proof that feeling good about yourself and having clothing that reflects your individual style can uplift and ignite a spark that fuels a positive future.

Catie's Closet began in 2009 as a family project turned social enterprise. Led by retail titan turned non-profit maven, Mickey has tapped into her life-long fashion knowledge to change stigmas associated with child poverty and builds confidence among local disadvantaged youth by providing free access to clothing and toiletries though the 'free' stores Catie's Closet maintains across MA & NH schools. 

To learn more about Catie's Closet: www.catiescloset.org

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